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Manly Edward MacDonald (1889-1971): Interpreter of Old Ontario


Manly Edward MacDonald (1889-1971): Interpreter of Old Ontario




A contemporary of the Group of Seven, Manly MacDonald was gentle and charming, but not without controversy. He considered himself a traditional painter, but some saw his art differently. Preferring to work outside in all seasons, he created many beautiful depictions of the life of his times. After completing a painting, it was not unheard of for Manly MacDonald to gift it to the subject. Over the years, author Charles Beale has begun to collect paintings of Manly MacDonald, recalling a chance encounter when the author was a mere boy of 12. Years of research led to the writing of Manly MacDonald Interpreter of Old Ontario. Of Manly MacDonald, Beale says “… his art was who he was and how he viewed the world around him.”

174 Pages                   98 colour plates of paintings

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