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Wind, Water, Barley & Wine


Wind, Water, Barley & Wine




It’s unique! It’s amazing! If you’re a “local”, you might just take it for granted. Tourists flock here to taste the wide sandy beaches, the food and the drink. But, there’s so much more to “The County”. This peninsula that bravely marches into Lake Ontario has a varied and storied history. It is home to an ever-growing population and the opportunities of hopeful entrepreneurs seem endless. Whether it was the rough wilderness that faced the earliest British settlers, the crop-filled fields or the now-famous flourishing wine industry, nature and its geography has played a major role in every aspect of development in Prince Edward County. Author, Orland French, helps to uncover little-known secrets and well-known facts; he dispels some myths about the vagaries of this land of Wind, Water, Barley and Wine. Prince Edward County has been at its best and at its worst; it has seen boom times and bust times; it has seen fame and tragedy. For the people, the flora and the fauna, “The County” needs no other definition.

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