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Laura Secord Heroine of The War of 1812


Laura Secord Heroine of The War of 1812




The Americans assumed that victory would be easy. Their forces greatly outnumbered those of the British. They would oust the British from North America permanently. This turned out to be a case of wishful thinking. Instead, The War of 1812 raged on. It was a seasonal war, subject to the vagaries of winter and the Great Lakes. Fighting, when it happened, was fierce often with great loss of life on both sides. In 1813, while the Americans occupied Queenston, officers were billeted in the home of James and Laura Secord. They became privy to an American plan to ambush British troops and destroy the outpost at Beaver Dams. In an amazing feat of courage and endurance, Laura Secord walked thirty kilometers (nineteen miles) to warn Lt. James Fitzgibbon of the impending attack and changed the outcome of the war. Author Peggy Dymond Leavey chronicles the life and times of Laura Secord Heroine of the War of 1812. Laura Secord, a true Canadian heroine by any person’s standards. Not just another box of chocolates!

224 pages

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