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The Movie Years Trenton Ontario


The Movie Years Trenton Ontario




How did a little town in Southern Ontario get a street with a name like this? Film Street, a short street in Trenton was once the bustling hub of the early movie industry in Canada. Its history began in the era of silent movies and, at one point, this movie studio was predicted to make Trenton the “Hollywood of the North”. As she weaves her tale, author Peggy Dymond Leavey draws on the memories of those who were there. She tells the stories of many local people and how their lives were affected by the incursion of the movie industry. Although it lasted a mere 17 years, this plant was the only one in Canada to last more than a year or two. The Movie Years Trenton Ontario … wonder no more about the naming of a street in a small town in Southern Ontario.

96 pages

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