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Memories of Belleville


Memories of Belleville




Do you remember … did you ever wonder … what Belleville was like if you were a kid growing up in 1950-or-60-something? Walk along the downtown streets. Listen to some of the tales that have made this fair city what it is today. Caught in the clutches of the Pandemic, author Connie Carson found herself with some time to fill. What to do? Ever resourceful, she reached out to others who have called Belleville home, whether now or in the past. Out of this came a Facebook group called “Sharing Belleville Memories” and that they did with zest, regaling one another with anecdotes about distant and not-so-distant times. There are stories that are sure to bring a resounding “Yes, I remember that”! There are stories that are sometimes salty, sometimes sweet and often amusing. Memories of Belleville offers a glimpse of yesteryear and are chock full of wonderful photos to aid in your journey back in time. So, whether you’re a born and bred Bellevillian or new to town, sit back, relax and enjoy the trip.

78 pages

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