Archive Volunteers

A team of volunteers plays an important role in maintaining the Society’s archives collection. Under the direction of the head archivist, they help to catalogue and preserve archival materials, and respond to inquiries from researchers and the public.
Volunteers usually have an interest in local history, plus a basic understanding and appreciation for archival theory. In addition to other work, many volunteers go on to research historical aspects of the County, participate at special events and displays throughout the year, and promote our heritage through educational presentations and programs.  The Society's heritage advisor Gerry Boyce has been contributing to the work of the archives by providing workshops to volunteers on an ongoing basis. 
Volunteers work under the direction of archivist Amanda Hill.  Amanda has extensive academic and professional training both here in Canada and in the United Kingdom. She has served as the archivist for the neighbouring town of Deseronto and has been involved with projects through the Archives Association of Ontario. Please be sure to drop in and say hello to her at the Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County on the second floor of the library building at 254 Pinnacle Street, Belleville. You can also follow the activities of the archives on their website at  http://cabhc.ca/
New archive volunteers are always welcome!
If you would like to volunteer to work on one of our special projects throughout the year
or help with day-to-day activities on a regular basis, please contact the Heritage Centre at the number below. All training will be provided.
Telephone:  613-967-3304
Email:  Send an email to archivist Amanda Hill c/o  archives@cabhc.ca