Committees and Positions

General members of the Hastings Historical Society are appointed in January each year by the Board of Directors to fill positions beneficial to the overall operation of the Society. Our current committee of members as of January 2019 include: 


Contact Person


Amanda Hill

Heritage Advisor

Gerald E. Boyce

Buildings Advisor

Lois Foster

Website Content & Maintenance

Heidi Rooke

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) Jonathan Chircop


Elizabeth Mitchell

Outlook Newsletter Editor

Donna Fano

Outlook Newsletter Co-Editor

Laurel Bishop

Bus Tours

Mary-Lynne Morgan

Education Committee

Bill Kennedy

Speaker Arrangements

Jim Kennelly

Exhibits & Displays Coordinator

Stanley Jones, Jim Kennelly

Coordinator - other historical societies

John Lowry

Public Relations (Print Media)

Mary-Lynne Morgan

Information last updated:  January 30, 2019


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