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A membership to the Hastings County Historical Society brings you into contact with a group of residents like yourself, who have an interest in the history of the County, both past and present. Collectively, our members literally have hundreds of years worth of knowledge in researching, creating, and experiencing history in Hastings County and its surrounding areas.

We have members from all walks of life:  from those who have a passion for the history of the area to those who just want to learn a little more about the community in which they live. Membership dues are an important source of revenue for financing our preservation and educational activities and for those members who have the time, their volunteer work is what has made the Society an important feature in the area since 1957.

Becoming a member of the Society enables you to vote at meetings, stand for election to the Board of Directors and receive a copy of our newsletter, The Outlook, along with other benefits throughout the year. The Hastings County Historical Society is a registered charity and an official receipt for income tax purposes will be sent to you for any donations over and above your membership dues. You can become a member of the Historical Society in a number of different ways:
  • Come to one of our presentations or special events throughout the year
  • Drop in or call us at the Hastings County Historical Society, located on the second floor of the Belleville Public Library and John M. Parrott Art Gallery
  • Mail us an application form
  • Apply online for a membership below through PayPal

2019 Membership Fees

Individual                               $25
Family / Couple                     $30
Senior (65+) or Student         $20
Senior (65+) Family               $25
Corporate                              $100
Not-for-profit Organization     $25
Life Memberships
Individual Life Membership   $150
To print off a membership form: click on the Printer-Friendly Application Form below, then when completed, it can be mailed along with payment by cheque to the address shown on the form. You can also pay for memberships online using PayPal below.  Please note that we value everyone's privacy.  Your personal information will never be shared with or sold to a third party or used for any other purposes other than to contact you, with your permission, about upcoming events and presentations held through the Historical Society. 
Click Here for a Printer-Friendly Application Form

Please complete the form below to pay by credit card (through PayPal) and join the Hastings County Historical Society.

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$150.00 Quantity

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