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Mackenzie Bowell's Government and the Manitoba Schools: A Cartoon History

By Betsy Boyce. 69 pages with illustrations. ISBN 0-921385-14-5. Revision, by the author, of the original 1985 edition which had been printed to accompany a slide presentation. New edition includes all the political cartoons from the slides. 1985, revised and reprinted with cartoons, 1999

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Belleville City Hall

By Gerry Boyce. 96 pp. ISBN 0-921341-24-5 Mika Publishing Co. Story of Belleville's famous city hall, with coloured photos by noted architectural photographer. Very limited supply. 1998

Price $15

The Rebellion in Hastings

By Betsy Boyce. This account of the 1837-38 Rebellion in Hastings County is based on the Rebellion Losses claims of 1845. 35 pages. ISBN 0-921385-12-9. Reproductions of 26 claims, with notes on them, and a brief description of events of the Rebellion in the Belleville area. Second edition, 1987, reprinted 1998

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By William Hutton. The Canadian Agriculturalist and Transactions of the Board of Agriculture of Upper Canada: a report on the state of agriculture in the County of Hastings,

Prepared by Gerry Boyce. 16 pages, illus. Reprint of pp. 193-201 of Vol. IV, no. 7, with additional pictures, and information on William Hutton. 1986. Reprinted 1998

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 A Decade of Sundays







A Decade of Sundays – Quinte Walking Tours (Volume 1)

Published by the Quinte Region Branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario Inc.  The book provides glimpses of historical homes stretching from Colborne and Brighton in the west, to Odessa and Yarker in the east, north to Madoc and Bancroft and south into Prince Edward County.  213 pages. 1994

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 The Book of Cries







The Book of Cries

By Bruce Bedell, long time town crier for the City of Belleville and others.  This book sets out a lengthy list of cries for every occasion: cries for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, toasts, introductions, conventions, reunions, holidays and much more.  Besides being a valuable tool for those in the trade, it presents entertaining reading for all. 1994

Price $15

The Rebels of Hastings

By Betsy Boyce. 233 pages. ISBN 0-8020-5986-4.  Published by University of Toronto Press, this book tells the fascinating story of the rebellion of 1837-1838 in Hastings County, with an examination of the subsequent Rebellion losses. 1992

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Burn This Gossip 

Burn This Gossip

By Sheldon and Judith Godfrey.  The true story of George Benjamin of Belleville, Canada’s first Jewish Member of Parliament, 1857-1863.  The book explores the tensions surrounding the life of a major political figure who headed the only Jewish family in his community. It also provides fresh insights into the personality of his political leader, John A. Macdonald. 152 pages hardcover. 1991

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  The Movie Years






The Movie Years, Trenton, Ontario, 1917-1934

By Peggy Dymond Leavey.  A nostalgic remembrance of Canada’s film-making capital of Trenton, Ontario from 1917 to 1934. It was the only Canadian studio to continue in active service for more than just a year or two. Initially it had been predicted that Trenton would become the "Hollywood of the North”. 96 pages. 1989

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Joe Alcorn's Boy







Joe Alcorn’s Boy – Reminiscences of turn of the century life at Coe Hill and Carrying Place

By William D. Hanthorn. In Joe Alcorn’s Boy Hanthorn continues the story of growing up in North Hastings in the early part of the 20thcentury, and the family’s new life in the southern part of Hastings County at Carrying Place. 137 pages. 1981

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The Covered Bridge at Trenton

By Gerald E. Boyce. 16 p., illus., map. ISBN 0-921385-04-8 The building of Trenton's first bridge, which lasted from 1834 to 1916. 1980

Price $2

Belleville: City by the Bay

Written by Laura Ann Simpson, the book is a collection of poems about Belleville, some of its buildings, the Moira River and the Bay of Quinte. Included are some pictures around the city.  43 pages. 1977

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Hutton of Hastings 






Hutton of Hastings – The life and letters of William Hutton, 1801-1861

By Gerald E. Boyce.  William Hutton was a well-educated Irish farmer who came to Upper Canada (Ontario) in 1834 to seek a new home for his wife Fanny and their young family. For almost 30 years he wrote to his mother and other kin in Ireland. His early letters recorded his first impressions of New York State and Upper Canada and explained his decision to settle in Sydney Township, near Belleville in Hastings County.  258 pages. 1972

Price $10

The Diary of Thomas Nightingale, Farmer & Miner, 1867-1871

Malcom Wallbridge (editor). Written by Thomas Nightingale, this book is his personal diary for four years beginning in 1867. The diary gives a glimpse of life in second half the 19th century in the Belleville area. Nightingale was neither famous nor prominent, just an ordinary farmer and miner of the era. His descendant Malcolm Wallbridge published the diary as a means of illustrating the daily life of the time. 138 pages. Republished in 1967.

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Moira Past and Present, 1827-1954

By the Moira Women’s Institute.  A detailed story of the settlement and development of the village of Moira in Huntingdon Township of Hastings County.  It traces the earliest habitants, the development of schools and churches and provides key information on a large number of the early families. 72 pages paperback. c. 1954

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