This book is a tribute to the men and women of Hastings County who served in the First World War. Some of them returned home, some did not. The stories in the book are of individuals who answered the call from king and country. The persons included herein (there are many more like them from Hastings County) were chosen on the basis of readily available biographical material in combination with the military actions in which they were involved. This material was drawn from a variety of local sources that included the county archives, family records, letters written home by front-line soldiers, Belleville High School magazines, the Belleville armoury, newspaper and magazine articles, publications by local authors, World War I websites, and online at the Canada Great War Project, this last being a soldier-specific site open to the public. Author Bill Kennedy serves on the current Board of Directors of the Hastings County Historical Society. Paperback. Published 2014.

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